Tango32 V4.26 Released

October 31, 2016

Note this was an interim version which was not publicly released. All changes in this version have been incorporated into version 4.27


[TAN-423] Adding a new Classification 3 causes tango to crash

[TAN-422] Client Search SP specifies Options for Client_Search_By_Client but not in SP

[TAN-418] Tango Crashes when double click on header row in Loan View

[TAN-416] Repayment Variations double up in some circumstances

[TAN-414] Interest Projection from Investor Funding Details - Error in GetBaseType

[TAN-413] No tax deducted from Interest generated by LINKED mortgages

[TAN-412] Incorrect allocation of Interest in Linked Investments

[TAN-411] Improve accuracy of “Standard Financial” repayment calculation method when account has a residual value.

[TAN-410] Processing drawdown on loan with no schedule ignores setting for repayment using Instalment date

[TAN-409] Investors - Unticking Pay by Direct debit and processing PO causes all pmt to be by Cheque

[TAN-408] Drawdown on 1st Payment date for IO accounts causes 1st Pmt to update incorrectly

[TAN-407] ABA Direct Debit Export formatting error

[TAN-405] Interest rate change on same day as 1st Payment due in IO causes first scheduled PMT to be removed

[TAN-404] Report -> Assets/Leasing -> Missing Revs - Error Invalid Column Name CLientname

[TAN-403] Report -> Assets/Leasing->Insurance Premium Renewal - Invalid Column error

[TAN-400] Import Data from CS1, CS2 formats not working

[TAN-393] Spelling mistake on Customer Statements form

[TAN-392] NULL error when Running Deli Reporting Processing

[TAN-380] Formletters indicating stored in DB when not

[TAN-299] Error on Check for New Version


[TAN-424] Improve performance of API when reading Loan Transaction and Direct Debit tables

[TAN-420] Selecting accounts for reminders using New Deli processing feature

[TAN-419] USA NACHA file Export Dr and Cr

[TAN-417] Hide repayment variation info on direct debit variation form when no method is selected

[TAN-415] New option to view and manage duplicate clients

[TAN-406] Add Insurance Details to FM_Clients - Life Insurance - Enterprise -Tango DB only

[TAN-402] Bit Flags for Check Postal and Check Residential Address - DB only

[TAN-398] Link Automatically Created Investments to all clients related to the original account.

[TAN-396] Allow the use of Chargecodes with Credit transactions

[TAN-395] Add Arrears Days and Amount to Search SP - Enterprise only

[TAN-394] Add new SettlementStatus and HoldProcessing to Search SPs

[TAN-391] Move Settlement Status into Table and rename as Workflow status

[TAN-390] New subledger option to generate transaction to related Loan

[TAN-385] Subledger enhancement at Completion/Payout

[TAN-379] Changes to Loan Activity - Add new report categories for account selection

[TAN-357] NZ Payment export Loans and Creditors

[TAN-347] Canadian TU positive Reporting extract

[TAN-313] New Arrears letters and Default letter processing - Form letter select

[TAN-300] Allocation of interest when new investors join part way through period


[TAN-397] Pawnbroker Reporting - NSW Police