Tango32 V4.27 Released

November 30, 2016

Note. Future versions of Tango will require at least SQL Server 2005. This is the last version of Tango which will run on SQL Server 2000.


[TAN-446] Large Drawdown not generating schedule entries

[TAN-440] Accounts GetAll API Performance Improvements

[TAN-439] Funding invitations for same client linking to wrong account

[TAN-438] ContractualNextDueDateAsAt Incorrectly being set

[TAN-435] Post_IV_HeldBatches deadlock

[TAN-432] Loan Repair removes schedule entries and sets Amount due to zero

[TAN-422] Client Search SP specifies Options for Client_Search_By_Client but not in SP

[TAN-412] Incorrect allocation of Interest in Linked Investments

[TAN-410] Processing drawdown on loan with no schedule ignores setting for repayment using Instalment date

[TAN-408] Drawdown on 1st Payment date for IO accounts causes 1st Pmt to update incorrectly

[TAN-405] Interest rate change on same day as 1st Payment due in IO causes first scheduled PMT to be removed


[TAN-451] Select_InterestRateChanges Deadlock

[TAN-450] FM_InterestRates_Insert Deadlock

[TAN-449] GL_Balances Deadlock

[TAN-448] Add TransactionTypeID to Insert_IV_HeldBatch

[TAN-447] New option to exclude Account Types from VEDA Export

[TAN-445] Add validation for ExternalSourceID to Insert_FM_HeldBatches

[TAN-444] Broaden email address validation to allow longer top-level domains

[TAN-443] Add “PreviousAccountID” to Veda Export for Short-term Bridging Loans

[TAN-436] Insert_FM_HeldBatches Improvements

[TAN-434] New Flag - No Repayment Schedule updates on Business code

[TAN-431] Ability to flag manually posted IP transactions to hit Payment table

[TAN-430] Transaction Performance Improvements

[TAN-429] Add ability to delete Investment documents stored in Document library

[TAN-427] Improve Arrears calculation logic (days and balance) when account has completed or net balance is 0 or arrears balance is zero

[TAN-425] Tango Import API should add related creditor from subledger definition if not supplied in XML

[TAN-424] Improve performance of API when reading Loan Transaction and Direct Debit tables

[TAN-420] Selecting accounts for reminders using New Deli processing feature

[TAN-300] Allocation of interest when new investors join part way through period