Tango32 V4.28 Released

January 25, 2017


[TAN-462] - Transaction Deadlocks

[TAN-466] - Error on P&I report for accounts with Hybrid Repayment schedule

[TAN-471] - Customer Statement API incorrectly filtering when loan has only one borrower

[TAN-472] - Import. Fix Comparison Rate Calc when Loan has a term of 1.

[TAN-473] - Batch Number not obtained correctly when processing Investment rollovers

[TAN-475] - Incorrect Error “Subledger code requires / does not allow a related subledger” when adding loans via XML Import

[TAN-478] - Customer Statement CSV Format - Date Format Inconsistent


[TAN-421] - Cyber source payment processing - Debit and Credit cards via API

[TAN-433] - Transaction Performance Improvements when posting loan transactions.

[TAN-437] - Performance Improvements when adding Loan Direct Debit Variations

[TAN-441] - General performance improvements to system functions

[TAN-442] - Index Improvements to Loan - Client relationship table.

[TAN-452] - Add new Date and Time activated to FM_Loans

[TAN-454] - Modify Daily Fee Job to charge a fee X days after settlement

[TAN-455] - Prevent Formletters opening for edit when generated in Bulk run

[TAN-457] - Change SQL Compatibility Level of Tango database to require SQL 2005 or higher

[TAN-460] - Update API Stored Procedures with new quicker Inline functions

[TAN-461] - Update Client_Search_Process_Options to use quicker Inline Functions

[TAN-462] - New ability to store Statement Header Text at the Business Code Level

[TAN-467] - New View to show loans with missing Repayment Information

[TAN-468] - Veda Export should only report “PreviousAccountID” since last Export

[TAN-472] - Show override and client DD and CC info on Current Month Calls Report

[TAN-474] - XML Import check to avoid duplicate subledgers

[TAN-477] - Allow Net Effective business codes to have Anniversary Day interest cycles

[TAN-479] - ODI description on arrears tab should include rate