Tango32 V4.29 Released

March 2, 2017

Bugs fixed [TAN-476] - Regular Direct Debit amount includes Special charges regardless of Special Charge Direct Debit setting

[TAN-481] - User Statement format 5 unavailable on business code

[TAN-482] - Current month calls all accounts flagged as no Direct Debit or Credit Card

[TAN-488] - Cybersource export issue

[TAN-489] - Last Paid date and Amount not updating under certain circumstances

[TAN-493] - Incorrect Schedule Update for Line of Credit

[TAN-509] - Funding Projection on Sub account causes Tango to crash


[TAN-458] - (API) Performance Improvements Inline Functions

[TAN-463] - New Principal & Interest Paid columns on P&I reports

[TAN-470] - Add IV Direct Credit Export Log

[TAN-480] - Allow a variety of different fee amounts to be charged to issue a form letter, depending on the account

[TAN-483] - Suppress new header message on subsequent statement pages

[TAN-484] - New statement keyword “InterestPaid” to match existing “TotalInterest” keyword for the statement period

[TAN-485] - New facility to add Arrears adjustments via Schedule

[TAN-486] - Adhoc listing should not close when Adhoc report opened

[TAN-487] - (API) Add SubledgerID Output Parameter to Duplicate_Subledger

[TAN-492] - New facility to charge multiple months interest in advance

[TAN-494] - Improve Permissions Check for Upgrade

[TAN-497] - NAB Transact Credit Card export

[TAN-499] - Improvements to Creditor Disbursements

[TAN-500] - New Feature to Select accounts and Statement by Cycle

[TAN-501] - (API) New SetReplacementAccount# Stored Procedure

[TAN-502] - New option to extend term of loan after a rate change instead of changing repayment amount

[TAN-504] - Indexing Improvements

[TAN-505] - Performance Improvements

[TAN-506] - New Quick API EndPoint for Arrears Querying

[TAN-507] - (API) Improvement to Client Search