Tango32 V4.30 Released

April 7, 2017


[TAN-493] - Incorrect Schedule Update for Line of Credit accounts.

[TAN-525] - Improvement to Arrears Allocation view when payments allocated to Penalties

[TAN-526] - Interest In Advance - Multiple month first payment - Actual non-smoothed Interest incorrect

[TAN-532] - Part payment of Linked Mortgage Interest Allocation incorrect

[TAN-533] - Exporting GL Statements excludes Credit column in Output


[TAN-490] - Additional General Purpose Fields

[TAN-502] - New option to extend term of loan after a rate change instead of changing repayment amount

[TAN-513] - Performance Improvements to Creditor Disbursements

[TAN-514] - Blocking in Posting IV Transactions

[TAN-516] - Small Performance Improvement in Schedule

[TAN-520] - Payment Allocation function not showing correct principal allocation on P&I accounts

[TAN-522] - API Arrears Endpoint Improvements

[TAN-523] - Bulk Formletters not correctly selecting by days in arrears when penalties affect arrears balance

[TAN-524] - ODI charded as Debit - GL should be driven from Chargecode

[TAN-528] - Create Sec Log Entries for new Scheduled Variations

[TAN-535] - Variation Performance Improvements

[TAN-537] - Payout on Finance Based account with Asset that has zero depreciation rate causes zero divide error.