Tango32 V4.33 Released

November 21, 2017


[TAN-596] - Current Non Current Analysis - Showing negative principal for accounts at end of term

[TAN-616] - Creating multiple variations with precedence for a single account at once results in no variations with precedence

[TAN-621] - Error Running Tango Current/ Non-Current Report

[TAN-624] - Missing parameters in API

[TAN-625] - PI Using History - Incorrect final PMT and Interest for Quarterly accounts

[TAN-627] - Linked Investments - In Advance - No Allocation when 1 month term.

[TAN-639] - Error when formletters for Completed Accounts

[TAN-641] - ODI rate on business code set to zero - ODI still charged on the account

[TAN-642] - Error running Direct debits

[TAN-643] - Manual Processing fee issue - Direct debit reversal also includes reversal of MPF

[TAN-645] - Void of only interest transaction in a loan results in incorrect “Last Interest Run Date”

[TAN-646] - Error generating payout via Payout button or when part of Statement generation

[TAN-649] - Payment allocation ignores payout transactions - Allocation to Principal/Interest and fees

[TAN-650] - Delinquency Report - Format 6 - Issue with selection of accounts

[TAN-654] - Incorrect Days in Arrears for LOC accounts where arrears balance exceeds net balance

[TAN-655] - Scheduling of Fees in the Schedule when Scheduled to Next Due Date

[TAN-656] - When ODI is charged via a subledger during a payout, ensure the ODI is included on the Receipt Allocation Report if the subledger requires it

[TAN-661] - Direct Debit Variation - Duplicate payment when two active variation on same day


[TAN-477] - Allow Net Effective business codes to have Anniversary Day interest cycles

[TAN-575] - Creditor Statements SP

[TAN-579] - Additional Items for SystemLists

[TAN-615] - New SP Insert_FormLetterDiaryReminder

[TAN-618] - Move Variations Run Concurrently with Schedule from Global to Variation

[TAN-622] - Add parameter to Select_ProjectedInvestmentIncome to allow direct output of result set

[TAN-628] - Option to specify a charge code for type “2” ODI transactions

[TAN-630] - Create new function to get Investor base rate

[TAN-632] - Linked Mortgages - Swap partial processes when insufficient funds

[TAN-633] - Projection report Incorrect for Interest In Advance Contributory Mortgages - Initial period and after swap

[TAN-636] - IV Transactions API Performance Improvements

[TAN-637] - DD Variations API Improvements

[TAN-638] - Improvements to REST Generator

[TAN-640] - New Investment Interest cycle - Periodic

[TAN-644] - Customer Statement Improvements

[TAN-648] - Improvement to Creditor Payout Quote

[TAN-651] - Improve validation in Periodic Direct Debits

[TAN-652] - Term for LOC when paying min reducing repayment - Formletter keyword

[TAN-662] - Add “IsDisabled” flag for tables FM_Businesscodes, FM_Subledgers, FL_Formletters, AdhocQueries