Tango32 V4.34 Released

February 8, 2018


[TAN-663] - FormLetterFeeCount returns incorrect value when the form letters linked subledger uses MaxChargesPerMonth

[TAN-664] - Residual value being cleared on Contract tab and Schedule when Payout transaction applied

[TAN-666] - Receipt Allocation Report shows incorrect net balance for accounts that don’t have transactions during the date range of the report

[TAN-667] - CC merchant fee not being charged as part of CC processing

[TAN-670] - Show Sundry Income in ODI Column of Completed Loan Report instead of as a negative Bad Debt

[TAN-672] - Interest in Advance - Contributory Mortgage Interest allocations differ depending on when payments are received

[TAN-673] - STG Credit Card Export - Last column too long (20 Characters max)

[TAN-677] - PAYWAY import should show “Paid” / “Reversed” in narrative rather than long alphanumeric reference number

[TAN-678] - Prevent the duplicate display of the same IV Transactions in API

[TAN-679] - isIVVoidTable function needs to cast the result as a bit

[TAN-680] - Arrears Details show zero value amount due in some situations

[TAN-682] - Fix spelling mistake in Credit Reporting Menu

[TAN-683] - Payment of Credit Card Merchant Fee incorrectly decreases arrears balance.

[TAN-685] - Voiding a payout on a loan does not clear the Completion Date of Linked Investments that were completed by the original payout.

[TAN-686] - Paying out interest in advance account with linked investors generates large interest payments to investors.

[TAN-688] - Processing multiple invitations - drawdown does not deduct fees required.

New Feature

[TAN-586] - New Interest Method - Nominal Monthly Interest on Anniversary Day

[TAN-604] - Partial and full discharge of asset based accounts


[TAN-469] - Add FileExtension to FM_ExportFormats

[TAN-615] - New SP Insert_FormLetterDiaryReminder

[TAN-631] - New SP to return Actual Interest Earned for Linked Loans and Investments. Use from Loan or Investment#

[TAN-647] - Add weekly and fortnightly options to adding varied amounts to end of term

[TAN-653] - Loan Status table

[TAN-657] - Ability to flag creditor account as holding Pended Transactions

[TAN-658] - Ability to link a Creditor account to another - similar to sub account - primary accounts

[TAN-659] - Set Minimum balance to maintain for Creditor - AP accounts

[TAN-660] - Function to return Creditor Payable Amount - Primary and Pending balance

[TAN-671] - Improvements to SE_FormControls

[TAN-674] - isDisabled column for IV_businessCodes and IV_Subledgers - Enterprise - DB changes only

[TAN-675] - Add CRM document library columns to SetupInformation - Enterprise - DB changes only

[TAN-676] - isDeleted bit to FM_Documents , IV_Documents - add FM_ClientDocuments table

[TAN-681] - New direct debit import format: Westpac Corporate Online BPAY