Tango32 V4.37 Released

July 16, 2018


  • [TAN-617] - IO to PI accounts - incorrect repayment amount when first payment covers multiple months.
  • [TAN-712] - “Error converting data type varchar to datetime” when opening loan account
  • [TAN-758] - Charging Form Letter Fees does not populate the SubledgerHistory table
  • [TAN-781] - Interest only in arrears - Pro rata first period - 1 day short on interest calculated as due
  • [TAN-783] - Pro rata first and last - Anniversary day accounts. Last payment out by 1 month.
  • [TAN-787] - FM Transaction Entry screen incorrectly moves focus to Transaction Amount in some situations
  • [TAN-788] - Repayment Schedule and Consolidated DD incorrect after rate change and end of IO period - Hybrid bc changed to PI business code
  • [TAN-789] - Transaction narrative - narrative does not update when transaction type changed
  • [TAN-790] - Scheduled Balance Incorrect after partial discharge
  • [TAN-791] - Interest in Arrears Contributory - Issue with first repayment and allocations.
  • [TAN-792] - Improve performance on “Interest Allocation Balances” calculations.
  • [TAN-796] - Interest in Advance - Contrib mortgages - Incorrect repayment schedule after invitation processing
  • [TAN-797] - Possible issue with Consolidated DD when rate after IO to PI period
  • [TAN-798] - Discounted PResent Value Payout quote (multi-asset) - regression - not including next due date repayment in calculation
  • [TAN-799] - API Performance problems when adding Creditor Accounts
  • [TAN-800] - Incorrect Repayment Amount after interest rate change on Variable P&I Accounts

New Feature

  • [TAN-786] - Net (Split) Interest method to exclude Payments in advance from Balance for opening period balance


  • [TAN-515] - Performance Improvements to Interest Rate Changes
  • [TAN-634] - Generic Transaction Import for Loans and Investments
  • [TAN-669] - State/County/Province - Country table - Enterprise only
  • [TAN-768] - Add General Purpose and Classification fields to data import
  • [TAN-780] - Contrib - Investor statements - minor format change
  • [TAN-782] - Enhancements to Transaction Type functionality to control availability of ChargeCodes.
  • [TAN-784] - Add “Prevent posting into Prior periods” flag to Businesscode
  • [TAN-795] - Improvements to Creditor Transactions in TangoAPI