Tango32 V4.40 Released

December 10, 2018


  • [TAN-892] - Interest in Advance Contrib mortgages - Incorrect pmt table entry.
  • [TAN-893] - Issue with Unpaid Interest balance and Unallocated funds balance
  • [TAN-894] - Error: “Can’t move the focus to the control TransactionType” while entering Loan Transactions
  • [TAN-896] - Incorrect scheduled balance on Drawdown or Schedule + or -
  • [TAN-897] - Voiding Drawdown does not always return schedule to pre transaction state
  • [TAN-898] - Direct credit report missing last digit of 9 character account#
  • [TAN-899] - “Invalid Use of NULL” error when creating statement with Keywords in the footer message.
  • [TAN-900] - Error message when Yes to create charge for statement is clicked
  • [TAN-901] - Warning message when saving client with Banking and or Credit Card details when DD or CC flag not ticked
  • [TAN-902] - Schedule balance in Change Schedule after Partial Discharge differs from Balance tab
  • [TAN-903] - Contributory Mortgages - Interest in Arrears - Incorrect IP generation and Projection report
  • [TAN-904] - Direct debit will run for completed accounts when - Redo transactions ticked
  • [TAN-905] - Balance used in Change Schedule is one day too early.
  • [TAN-906] - Negative Drawdown on Interest anniversary produces incorrect repayment
  • [TAN-908] - Tango Crashes when trying to Print formletters
  • [TAN-912] - Contrib mortgage - Incorrect IP transaction generated
  • [TAN-913] - Incorrect repayment schedule after rate change on IO accounts
  • [TAN-914] - Issue generating statements from 3.49.4 ade
  • [TAN-916] - Repayment on IO to PI in PI period in PI business code incorrect after drawdown
  • [TAN-919] - VOIDing investment manual pmt transaction results in negative pmt table entry
  • [TAN-920] - Investor Payment table entry issue - Additional Pmt entry from previous month appearing in pmt table
  • [TAN-921] - PI reports terminate and crash tango when no opening balance on loan account.


  • [TAN-837] - Report improvements
  • [TAN-842] - Remove FM_ErrorLog Entries on Post_FM_HeldBatches execution
  • [TAN-864] - Default email subject and email body text
  • [TAN-891] - Loan Summary aged overdue - arrears should show zero rather than blank when nothing is due.
  • [TAN-895] - Ability to email statements and convert to pdf before mailing. Ability to convert any report to PDF via Report / Options / “Save As PDF”
  • [TAN-907] - Change Schedule - add balance used and date for balance
  • [TAN-909] - Allow for Interest in advance Loans (with multiple months up-front) without having to use linked investors
  • [TAN-910] - Add select / exclude by Classification 1-4 to Loan Activity Report
  • [TAN-911] - Minor changes to Investor Statements