Tango32 V4.41 Released

December 24, 2018


  • [TAN-916] - Repayment on IO to PI in PI period in PI business code incorrect after drawdown
  • [TAN-922] - Contrib mortgage - IP generated for some investors incorrect
  • [TAN-924] - Missing interest summary and Int Paid in Narrative when Investor Swap processed
  • [TAN-925] - New Loan# field on Investor transactions - set when Investor account# entered but cleared or not saved
  • [TAN-926] - Investor Statement - Adj entries should be included in Principal Repaid
  • [TAN-928] - Out by 1 pmt - Drawdowns, rate changes and Change schedule
  • [TAN-929] - “Incorrect Syntax” error when logging in, if database name has blank space in it.
  • [TAN-933] - Incorrect PMT table entry - Contrib mortgage multiple interest transactions paid in one pmt
  • [TAN-935] - Monthly anniversary interest run not processing some accounts
  • [TAN-937] - Tango Login Screen incorrectly prompts for user name and password twice in some situations
  • [TAN-934] - High volume updates causes db hang

New Feature

  • [TAN-915] - Statement email template - Global setting with Business code override
  • [TAN-923] - Asset Register shows incorrect depreciation values after a payout (in some situations)


  • [TAN-927] - Prevent Investor interest pmts already paid from being included in subsequent Investor interest runs
  • [TAN-930] - Ability to set all emails to go to an internal email address - testing and proving
  • [TAN-936] - Enhancement to Interest in Advance - Variable days in initial period