Tango32 V4.42 Released

February 26, 2019


  • [TAN-902] - Schedule balance in Change Schedule after Partial Discharge differs from Balance tab
  • [TAN-906] - Negative Drawdown on Interest anniversary produces incorrect repayment
  • [TAN-932] - Change Schedule IO to PI - PI period indicates 1 less pmt than it should. Impacts discharge calcs etc.
  • [TAN-938] - When adding interest in advance loan via wizard, “Term” should show duration of loan in months, not number of payments
  • [TAN-942] - Deadlock in Select_InterestRateChanges
  • [TAN-943] - Remove debug / trace info from dbo.[RefreshMatchingSubledgers]
  • [TAN-946] - Incorrect Projected Balance showing on Interest Only Loans
  • [TAN-948] - Contrib Mortgages - IP transaction Incorrect Amount
  • [TAN-949] - Voiding Initial Drawdown or Interest on Contrib mortgages- voids both transactions
  • [TAN-950] - Form Letter Keywords NextDirectDebitAmount / NextDirectDebitDate ignore Direct Debit Variations table
  • [TAN-951] - Mid period swaps where IC generated but not IP - no adjustment generated
  • [TAN-952] - Issue with validation of backdated invitations
  • [TAN-954] - Cash Flow Report should not include flows from completed accounts
  • [TAN-958] - Interest rate change - Rate schedule shows incorrect date for rate change
  • [TAN-959] - Incorrect number of PI payments in IO to PI account - Rate change, Change Schedule - Settled 30th of month
  • [TAN-962] - Error when posting batches
  • [TAN-963] - Infinite loop bug in Investment Interest Run when InterestFrequency=0
  • [TAN-964] - Error running upgrade script if object in DB is owned by a user that no longer exists
  • [TAN-966] - Improve performance of ThreadID allocation
  • [TAN-967] - Payout-Related Errors on Loan Form
  • [TAN-968] - Discharging Interest in advance - Investors with multiple invested portions only discharging one
  • [TAN-969] - Bulk Form letters - GP1 comparison and value appear to be ignored in selecting accounts
  • [TAN-971] - Error when posting batch - Insert failed because Set option….
  • [TAN-972] - Investor Statement - Paging incorrect when more than one page of transactions
  • [TAN-975] - Interest In advance - Special case when days in initial period varies. Initial and Second interest in same month incorrect rpmt schedule

New Feature

  • [TAN-940] - New subledger method to charge interest on the total value of a related subledger each month.
  • [TAN-973] - Receipt Allocation Report Arrears: Include Penalties & Filter out arrears under Arrears Threshold
  • [TAN-974] - “Violation of PK” error when changing rate on loan after moving loan to new Business Code.


  • [TAN-577] - Enhancements to speed up Writeoff Requests
  • [TAN-842] - Remove FM_ErrorLog Entries on Post_FM_HeldBatches execution
  • [TAN-931] - Implement Interest Only In Advance, First Payment covers multiple months, First Payment due AFTER settlement
  • [TAN-939] - Make “How many months in advance are covered by first payment” able to be entered in the loan wizard
  • [TAN-944] - Performance Improvements in FM_Schedule_Update
  • [TAN-945] - Add rowversion column to IV_Accounts
  • [TAN-953] - Investigate GL_Balances potential conversion to view
  • [TAN-956] - Add rownumber to Select_CustomerStatementsTransactions
  • [TAN-957] - New formletter datasource for Clients - Enterprise requirement
  • [TAN-960] - form letter mergefield - TotalArrears - only show 2 decimal places
  • [TAN-961] - Improvements to Insert_Words and associated SPs