Tango32 V4.43 Released

March 19, 2019


  • [TAN-935] - Monthly anniversary interest run not processing some accounts
  • [TAN-943] - Remove debug / trace info from dbo.[RefreshMatchingSubledgers]
  • [TAN-981] - Debtor Statement - Consumer format - Error when generating for completed accounts
  • [TAN-982] - Interest in Advance - end of cycle issue when period has 28 days and cycle ends on a day after this.
  • [TAN-983] - Direct Credit - Payment table missing an entry in a period when multiple pmts for same loan are generated to Investor.
  • [TAN-985] - Contrib mortgages - Variable days in first period - Incorrect repayment schedule entry in month 3
  • [TAN-987] - Arrears Details screen generates error when trying to display details
  • [TAN-990] - Subledger rounding does not appear to follow std mathematical rounding in all circumstances
  • [TAN-991] - Tango crashes when viewing Direct debits and credit cards
  • [TAN-994] - Diary Note created for override bank details change when details are not changing
  • [TAN-995] - Account form slow to open
  • [TAN-996] - No repayment schedule generated when entering a loan via the wizard
  • [TAN-997] - Duplicate thread ID’s incorectly created during interest run when monthly fees are charged
  • [TAN-998] - Asset Register incorrectly shows zero total depreciation on fully depreciated asset

New Feature

  • [TAN-970] - New Subledger Method to deduct any amount in excess of the scheduled amount due
  • [TAN-978] - Option to prevent XML Import returning numerous result sets
  • [TAN-979] - Payout ODI charged as Debit transaction incorrectly shows as “Bad Debt” when payout is reversed by “Z” transaction
  • [TAN-989] - Incorrect repayment amount creating an IO Arrears account in the wizard using a non-IO business code


  • [TAN-976] - DB Changes only for Enterprise - two new columns to Arrears Bucks table - Workflow Status - Bucket Colour
  • [TAN-977] - New function to return final pmt required for an account
  • [TAN-984] - Investor Statement changes
  • [TAN-986] - FM_BusinessCodes change INT boolean flags to BIT
  • [TAN-993] - Add Quote Loan Status
  • [TAN-988] - Disable outdated “Extend Direct Debit Variations After Maturity” flag for all business codes.