Tango32 V4.44 Released

May 21, 2019


  • [TAN-902] - Schedule balance in Change Schedule after Partial Discharge differs from Balance tab
  • [TAN-906] - Negative Drawdown on Interest anniversary produces incorrect repayment
  • [TAN-997] - Duplicate thread ID’s incorectly created during interest run when monthly fees are charged
  • [TAN-998] - Asset Register incorrectly shows zero total depreciation on fully depreciated asset
  • [TAN-999] - Investor Statements - Headings on Interest page moved up 1 line.
  • [TAN-1000] - Interest only full term - Repayments incorrect when Include RV with last repayment NOT ticked
  • [TAN-1001] - Line of Credit - Repair schedule causes repayment schedule to disappear and single RV pmt to be generated
  • [TAN-1002] - IO repayment schedule incorrect when Include RV with final repayment NOT ticked
  • [TAN-1003] - Contrib Mortgages - Variable days in first period - Incorrect number of pmts and term showing
  • [TAN-1004] - Incorrect Available balance shown on Invitations and Swaps for some Contrib mortgage investors
  • [TAN-1006] - Contrib Mortgages - Interest in Advance - Incorrect pmt date from 2nd pmt when settled on 1st of month
  • [TAN-1007] - Insurance Premium Renewals - Error when running - Invalid Column name InstalmentDate
  • [TAN-1008] - Direct debit processing missing accounts settled on 31st which have a regular set as the last day of the month
  • [TAN-1009] - Interest in Advance payout quote - default date to end of current period - always showing rebate of interest
  • [TAN-1012] - Contrib Mortgages - No Investor PMT in first period for new accounts
  • [TAN-1014] - Error in Client_Search_By_Repayment SP - St.DescriptionB as LoanStatus
  • [TAN-1021] - Incorrect RV date when 12 months Interest in advance with single pmt
  • [TAN-1025] - System mistakes “CS3” import transaction file for “MAV4”
  • [TAN-1026] - System mistakes “CS3” transaction import type as “MAV4”.
  • [TAN-1028] - Add ability to specify end month of subledger to be Original term -1 month
  • [TAN-1029] - Interest Only InAdvance - Include Residual with last pmt cannot be unticked
  • [TAN-1030] - Deadlock in Create_Default_Schedule
  • [TAN-1033] - Direct debit running even though account up to date - When Option Include repayments that have already been paid - NOT Ticked
  • [TAN-1036] - DD redo ignoring accounts where part of pmt split to pay fee and then fee or part thereof reversed
  • [TAN-1037] - Using Standard drawdown not setting sub type which causes issues when Schedule should be updated
  • [TAN-1038] - Transaction Sub Type not being set properly in some situations
  • [TAN-1039] - Cannot copy Business codes - Error Insert conflicts with FOREIGN Key constraint
  • [TAN-1040] - Reversal Of Payout - Reversal transactions consolidating on type but should be type + chargecode
  • [TAN-1041] - Prime Cost Depreciation Inacuracies at (a) End of Asset Life and (b) Disposal Date when first of month

New Feature

  • [TAN-988] - Disable outdated “Extend Direct Debit Variations After Maturity” flag for all business codes.


  • [TAN-980] - Matured Investments - should behave like interest held accounts
  • [TAN-1005] - Ability to select all investors for Discharge with single click
  • [TAN-1013] - Ability to include selected custom column in search results
  • [TAN-1016] - Add new GP and Classifications to the GeneralPurposeLabel view
  • [TAN-1017] - Periodic Debit processing improvements
  • [TAN-1018] - Improve performance of “Calculate_Interest” for Monthly Nominal accounts
  • [TAN-1019] - Added BIT columns to FM_Loans GeneralPurposeBit1 to GeneralPurposeBit5
  • [TAN-1020] - New bit field - custom label set via Custom labels
  • [TAN-1023] - Investor Statements - Principal reduction to be from Primary account only
  • [TAN-1043] - DB Change only - Add category for Adhoc Query - Add associated System table for Adhoc Category
  • [TAN-1045] - Enterprise DB changes only - new TFN / Joint Account columns