Tango32 V4.46 Released

August 21, 2019

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.46


  • [TAN-1080] - Contrib Mortgage - Interest in Advance - Incorrect IC after voiding and reapply Interest and pmt when swap involved.
  • [TAN-1081] - Contrib Mortgages - Unpaid Std interest showing incorrect value
  • [TAN-1082] - Duplicate Subledger transactions for Imported accounts from Phoenix under some circumstances
  • [TAN-1083] - Contrib Mortgages - Interest incorrect in initial period when settling on 1st of month
  • [TAN-1084] - Contrib mortgage - Projection report missing initial interest period
  • [TAN-1088] - Contrib Mortgage - RelatedLoanAccountNumber not being set by Process Invitation
  • [TAN-1090] - Business code setting - charge fees as debit overrides the subledger transaction type when one is set
  • [TAN-1093] - Contrib Mortgage should not pay investor interest for month where no repayment is due
  • [TAN-1094] - Depreciation Closing Balance should be $0 when the asset is disposed
  • [TAN-1095] - Contrib Mortgages - Investor Payment table entry double actual IP amount for some investors
  • [TAN-1096] - Contrib Mortgages - Tax Withheld no longer being deducted from Payment table entry
  • [TAN-1098] - Payout rebate for Interest in Advance - PO should trigger an Interest rebate transaction and not bad debt
  • [TAN-1102] - Creditor - Investment statement - opening balance for clearing accounts should be zero.
  • [TAN-1105] - Process_New_Loans Deadlock on FM_InterestRates
  • [TAN-1106] - Contrib mortgages - No interest adj when interest covering multiple months after initial period is swapped
  • [TAN-1110] - Debtor Receipt allocation - Total Paid vs Total allocated out by 1-2 cents
  • [TAN-1111] - Contrib Mortgage - Unpaid Std Interest balance incorrect and causing incorrect interest pmts to Investors
  • [TAN-1112] - Payment - Principal and Interest split - Allocation issue
  • [TAN-1113] - Master batch allocation in Monthly interest run appears to be assigning the same masterbatch 215164
  • [TAN-1117] - Interest in Advance - Pro rata first pmt - not setting Months covered so Recalc uses months from Business code.

New Feature

  • [TAN-918] - Enable BPAY Field and BPAY generation for Investment accounts - Angas
  • [TAN-1079] - Add Security/LoanSecurity import to Update_From_XML
  • [TAN-1089] - Add Interest In advance months field to manual Interest transactions.
  • [TAN-1104] - New option to specify different Transaction Types on a subledger depending on the sign of the amount charged.
  • [TAN-1107] - New Loan Security tab - Deed of Priority


  • [TAN-295] - Store Multiple bank and or credit card details against client and link to loan
  • [TAN-1085] - Interest Charge treatments between O and B transaction Type
  • [TAN-1086] - RAR Report did not pick up reversal amount when voiding the system generated fee charges
  • [TAN-1087] - Use Subledger Narrative when ODI is charged via a subledger
  • [TAN-1091] - Multiple Bank Accounts for Clients and Loans
  • [TAN-1092] - Add “Hide Voids” and “Show Voids” option when displaying Loan and Creditor transaction history
  • [TAN-1097] - Add new option for payout quote to rebate any Interest in Advance charged after the payout date.
  • [TAN-1099] - New Flag on Investment statement - only generate Clearing account pages
  • [TAN-1100] - Ability to link multiple Sub accounts to primary account - minimum of two
  • [TAN-1101] - New Debtor Business code option - Allow Credit Card Payments - off by default (DB change only for Enterprise)
  • [TAN-1103] - New Report format for Loan Activity - Business code split with the Business code - Classification being the sub grouping
  • [TAN-1109] - Closing Balance on Loan Statement output - To Date
  • [TAN-1114] - Allow non end of period dates for Interest in Advance date on Contrib mortgage with warning
  • [TAN-1116] - Enterprise DB change only - Default Action code on Delinquency Report definition