Tango32 V4.49 Released

February 10, 2020

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.49


  • [TAN-1193] - Tranasction to recomplete the account after payment dishonour
  • [TAN-1195] - Adjust Arrears balance when it exceeds net balance being ignored
  • [TAN-1196] - Payout Quote Error if Business Code has payout penalties, but no subledger specified
  • [TAN-1197] - ODI Charge on Interest Only Mortgage when not in arrears
  • [TAN-1199] - Special Charges posted on a scheduled due date incorrectly create a new schedule entry for the next scheduled due date
  • [TAN-1200] - Partial swap out with multiple swap in investors - transactions not generated between available and primary
  • [TAN-1202] - Opening a Client generates two Null clients in FM_Clients table
  • [TAN-1203] - sp dbo.Copy_Database fails if Service Broker is active in Target Database
  • [TAN-1204] - Incorrect Payout Figure Via Direct Debit Process
  • [TAN-1205] - Duplicating Loan Security - Real estate causes error - Security# already in use.
  • [TAN-1207] - Payout penalty charging incorrect amount and duplicating under some circumstances
  • [TAN-1208] - Investor Interest not generated when mid period interest transaction posted - Accrual posted
  • [TAN-1209] - Investment payout interest incorrect compared to actual interest at payout causing adj transactions
  • [TAN-1211] - Available Funds function needs to exclude the invitation being edited
  • [TAN-1212] - Contrib Mortgages - Processing date should change Settlement and Instalment dates
  • [TAN-1214] - Contrib Mortgage - Interest in adv - Pro rata first period - Initial interest charge incorrect

New Feature

  • [TAN-1198] - DB Change only Enterprise - SP to Merge client details


  • [TAN-1194] - Add logging for Linking and unlinking clients from both Debtor and Creditor accounts
  • [TAN-1201] - Improvements to FM_Clients_Duplicates
  • [TAN-1206] - [Space] in front of the data via Ad-Hoc Queries
  • [TAN-1213] - Contrib mortgages - Swap on same day as settlement