Tango32 V4.55 Released

August 17, 2020

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.55


* [TAN-1303] - New account with blank schedule and non monthly repayment frequency - drawdown creates monthly schedule.
* [TAN-1311] - XML import ignoring months in advance when importing the repayment amount
* [TAN-1317] - IV batch showing as duplicate - appears to be an issue withe IV_held batches view
* [TAN-1319] - Transaction mirroring using Part Payment generating incorrect amount
* [TAN-1320] - Creating a new loan may incorrectly update FM_Loans.RepaymentAmount on other accounts

New Feature


* [TAN-1318] - Improve performance of "Special Charge Summary" section of Loans Form when Penalty Debits are enabled