Tango32 V4.56 Released

September 30, 2020

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.56


* [TAN-1317] - IV batch showing as duplicate - appears to be an issue withe IV_held batches view
* [TAN-1318] - Improve performance of "Special Charge Summary" section of Loans Form when Penalty Debits are enabled
* [TAN-1321] - Reversal of pmt results in reversal of GST with 1c difference between original GST and reversal GST transaction
* [TAN-1322] - Contrib interest in arrears -  pro rata period for last pmt - narrative shows full period 
* [TAN-1323] - Interest only with Pro rata 1st and last and smoothed in full period - incorrect smooth repayment amount
* [TAN-1325] - Batch was hidden due to TransType being set to I - manually entered batch
* [TAN-1326] - Asset Register - Depreciation MTD logic
* [TAN-1327] - Payout Method - NPV Method - correct handling of penalties and odi
* [TAN-1332] - Interest in Advance accounts being ignored by Interest run
* [TAN-1333] - Wizard error when setting up new account - Invalid column name SheduleID
* [TAN-1334] - Imported Interest inAdvance setting incorrect 1st payment amount
* [TAN-1337] - Issue running Anniversary day interest run on investment accounts
* [TAN-1338] - Chargeable subledger added to loan after activation permanently increases opening balance even after deletion
* [TAN-1339] - Interest rate change on new Line of Credit plus interest sets all repayments to be the same

New Feature

* [TAN-1328] - New SP to update branch user
* [TAN-1330] - New Weekly Interest cycle for Loans
* [TAN-1331] - New Line of Credit repayment method - Line of Credit method + Interest for period


* [TAN-1324] - Further validation to XML import - RepaymentVariationStart
* [TAN-1336] - New setting to control transaction available to completed accounts