Tango32 V4.57 Released

November 17, 2020

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.57


* [TAN-1311] - XML import ignoring months in advance when importing the repayment amount
* [TAN-1329] - Voiding a transaction - list of available transactions is empty
* [TAN-1335] - New option for simple interest to be based on Opening Gross Interest Balance rather than Current Gross Interest Balance
* [TAN-1340] - Export from Phoenix fails when trying to update existing Tango client record. 
* [TAN-1341] - "Signing Operation Failed" error when moving Database from an old (NT/Win 2K) server to newer server
* [TAN-1344] - Drawdown posted to account not generating amount due in first scheduled entry
* [TAN-1346] - VOID transaction list consolidating transactions posting in same batch.
* [TAN-1352] - Generic import with mixed IV and FM transactions generates held batch with same batch number
* [TAN-1353] - Tango does not prevent primary borrower from being unlinked
* [TAN-1357] - Business Code CS Setting Hide Interest Rate On Statement - to be added
* [TAN-1358] - Investment Interest cycle - anniversary and month end. Issue with when accruals and interest posted.
* [TAN-1359] - Cannot void payout on Investment accounts
* [TAN-1360] - Payout quote excluding accruals of interest interest credit voided
* [TAN-1362] - Issue with Voiding Payout transactions on Investment account - additional transactions appear to be generated

New Feature

* [TAN-1343] - Weekly cycle and fortnightly cycle accounts to have monthly account keeping fee charged and collected
* [TAN-1347] - Debtor and Creditor account bit flag for Transaction type definition to prevent multiple transactions in same batch for same account
* [TAN-1348] - New System Setting - Default Banking file store


* [TAN-1342] - DB change - Add disabled to Credit Card types.
* [TAN-1349] - Debtor and Creditor Transaction Type - new column - AllowExport
* [TAN-1350] - DB changes - additional columns for FM_ExportFormats
* [TAN-1351] - Debtor Statement Cycle default settings in upgrade script
* [TAN-1354] - Improve Performance of Generate_Writeoffs stored procedure
* [TAN-1355] - Wizard to enforce non zero interest rate for Interest only loans
* [TAN-1356] - New columns for FL_Formletters and FM_AccountTypes for tracking Defaults
* [TAN-1361] - Add Date Created column to checklist data.