Tango32 V4.59 Released

May 31, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.59


* TAN-1419 Some differences between payout amount shown on balance tab and payout quote
* TAN-1418 Tango crashes when viewing the balance tab of a completed account
* TAN-1413 Allow XML import to match Asset Item Type on either Item Code or Description
* TAN-1412 Contrib mortgage - Investor statement incorrect after swap and auto interest adj for both swap in and out
* TAN-1411 Contrib Mortgages - Older interest pmts can be missed when a discharge or swap occurs in a past period
* TAN-1410 Posting a manual interest transaction to contrib account can cause additional allocation to investors of combined amounts.
* TAN-1408 Interest Run does not proceed if there are some accounts with incorrect repayment schedules.
* TAN-1407 Some accounts being missed by DD processing
* TAN-1406 Check "Last Interest Run Date" whenever "Defer Interest Until Date" is changed on an active loan account

New Feature

* TAN-1417 System hangs after logging in.
* TAN-1404 Create Diary note when workflow status changes on Debtor and Creditor accounts
* TAN-1402 Add GeneralPurpose12 into view User_FM_LoansHistory


* TAN-1268 Swapping investors on the start date of the contract causes issues with Statement output