Tango32 V4.60 Released

July 19, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.60


* TAN-1450 Cannot generate creditor letter using SP as datasource
* TAN-1449 Separate columns for Sundry Income and Bad Debt transactions on Completed Loans Report
* TAN-1445 Processing Invitations uses the same ThreadID for Interest and Drawdown transactions.
* TAN-1434 VOIDING Debtor or Creditor transactions causes duplicated voids on the GL transactions
* TAN-1433 Possible disconnect when Enterprise and Tango run at same time
* TAN-1431 Update to Defer Interest until date does not update Last interest run date under some circumstances
* TAN-1430 Cannot set defer interest until date via calendar control only via manual date entry
* TAN-1428 Changing Classification3 value clears Classification4 value
* TAN-1424 Interest in Advance - Incorrect schedule update after drawdown and manual interest transaction
* TAN-1423 Error when running Receipt allocation report
* TAN-1420 Error "Invalid column name 'ID'." when trying to email a form letter via Report / Form Letters / Create Multiple Form Letters
* TAN-1414 Customer statement fails in edge case scenario where no interest rate is specified for a loan.

New Feature

* TAN-1447 New Index on LoanAccountNumber in FM_ClientBankingDetails
* TAN-1444 New Function to Return Account Structure Type
* TAN-1443 Warning message when Classification 4 field is changed
* TAN-1441 Clear FM_Investment entry when Discharge voided
* TAN-1440 Warning when Dr transaction type selected does not match transaction type as defined by selected Chargecode/subledger
* TAN-1438 Loan Summary Report changes new Sequence by Classification 4 by Businesscode
* TAN-1429 NEW Columns for FM_Assets Table
* TAN-1427 Add Classificaition4, AccountType Description to FM_LoansHistory and User_FM_LoansHistory
* TAN-1425 Multiple sub account enhancement


* TAN-1446 Refactor Client Search SPs