Tango32 V4.61 Released

September 20, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.61


* TAN-1477 Repair schedule removing valid entries from Schedule
* TAN-1476 Contrib mortgage interest run failing due to inclusion of specific accounts out of date sequence
* TAN-1472 Update User\_Classification2FormLettersBase SP to return the AccountNumber
* TAN-1470 Discounted Present value issues when SP Select\_Payout\_Quote used in a query - Asset XML causing differences
* TAN-1469 Cannot enable Service broker
* TAN-1467 Change Schedule not detecting IO for full term accounts correctly
* TAN-1466 RV flag set to last std pmt amount and not final rv amount after change schedule
* TAN-1465 Charges due does not update correctly on schedule change when account has fixed monthly fees
* TAN-1464 Payout quote not passing AsAtdate through to subledger external function call
* TAN-1463 VOID of discharge or partial where adj generated not voiding the clearing account transactions
* TAN-1462 Duplicate principal reduction amount showing in Primary investment statement
* TAN-1461 Incorrect Interest paid for swapped out account
* TAN-1451 Null keywords are being added to FM\_Search table
* TAN-1439 Regenerate Tango API REST Scripts
* TAN-1437 Error in Update\_From\_XML
* TAN-1422 Improve validation on Bank Account details used to export Direct Debits
* TAN-1409 Variations ignored by repair schedule for Line of Credit repayment method
* TAN-1383 Incorrect Interest on P & I Report when Account with monthly fees has multiple months between settlement and first payment


* TAN-1474 Batch Category on FM\_HeldBatches - DB change only
* TAN-1473 Adhoc query security - control who can run the query
* TAN-1460 Separate settings to control pmt adjustment for Swap and discharges on contrib mortgages
* TAN-1459 New setting to control interest in advance schedule entries for mid period adjustments
* TAN-1458 Restrict transaction to Short description when transaction defined at the subledger level
* TAN-1457 Add disabled bit column to FM\_DocumentLibraries
* TAN-1456 Add Creditor Link to FM\_Classification4 table
* TAN-1452 New FM\_Loan Column - InsurancePolicyStartDate
* TAN-1403 Improvements to Import XML duplicate detection

New Feature

* TAN-1478 DB changes only - add assigned employee to search result for Debtor and creditor search
* TAN-1475 AssignedEmployeeID to FM\_Clients, FM\_Loans and IV\_Accounts
* TAN-1471 IV\_Businesscode new statement setting - CS\_PrintToLetterhead
* TAN-1468 Classification 1 to 4 filters for Transaction Audit report
* TAN-1454 New FM Classification 9 table - cascade link to higher classification and creditor link
* TAN-1453 Creditor Business code - additional columns
* TAN-1448 Single Search field
* TAN-1432 Security Document library - Security and Assets \(DB changes only\)
* TAN-1426 New Dr Classification table
* TAN-1421 dbo.Insert\_Subledgers\_By\_BusinessCode needs to be adjusted to filter by the SubledgerAdditionMethod.
* TAN-1400 Ability to rebate prepaid interest in adv and recognise via RAR on monthly basis