Tango32 V4.62 Released

November 12, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.62


* TAN-1502 Adhoc queries which use Google Charts fail for complex queries
* TAN-1497 Arithmetic overflow when large balance involved in Payout quote calculation
* TAN-1496 Interest only in Arrears - RV being dated the month prior to the last pmt
* TAN-1493 FM\_loans\_Rest view performance very poor.
* TAN-1488 Line of credit Percentage of net plus interest - not preserving overdue schedule entries when drawdown posted
* TAN-1486 Investor Interest run deadlocks


* TAN-1501 Add Classification9 to FM\_Loans\_REST
* TAN-1494 Include clearing days for Available funds calc for Investors
* TAN-1492 NEW SP Insert\_ClientFormLettersQueue
* TAN-1491 Change description of Setting
* TAN-1490 Add category to Settings
* TAN-1489 Include Classification 7 in Client Search results - Enterprise only change
* TAN-1487 Add Settlement Status description to view FM\_Loans\_By\_Client
* TAN-1481 DB changes only -  Add assigned employee column to FM\_Loans\_By\_Client and IV\_Accounts\_By\_Client
* TAN-1480 New Settings category to better group settings
* TAN-1479 New settings for Creditor Wizard - more settings
* TAN-1403 Improvements to Import XML duplicate detection

New Feature

* TAN-1485 DB changes only - Add Workflow status to Creditor Search results
* TAN-1484 DB changes only - Add Client Workflow description  to Client search results
* TAN-1483 DB changes only - New Client Workflow status
* TAN-1415 PPSR Prototype