Tango32 V4.63 Released

December 22, 2021

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.63


* TAN-1531 Contrib Interest in advance - smoothed pmts not calculating period interest or correct schedule
* TAN-1530 Contrib Interest in advance - Charge and Pay when Mortgage Interest Paid not generating Investor Pmt
* TAN-1529 Error during interest run when repairing schedule on accounts with "Repayment Frequency" set to "Q" \(Quarterly\).
* TAN-1527 Error running V4.62 script on a 4.61 version db
* TAN-1526 Mirror transaction do not appear to being generated
* TAN-1523 Contrib Mortgages - Subsequent invitation mid period causing interest cr and pmt to already paid investors
* TAN-1522 VOID drawdown not reversing initial Pro rata pmt correct for some accounts
* TAN-1521 Incorrect repayment schedule after posting drawdown
* TAN-1507 Gross Interest adjustment incorrect when posting drawdowns to IO accounts
* TAN-1506 IO Arrears - Smoothed repayment amount incorrect after drawdowns
* TAN-1505 Recalc adding additional schedule entry to schedule
* TAN-1503 Interest In Arrears Smoothed repayments - error in repayment calc when rpmts smoothed and not actual


* TAN-1533 Improve performance of view IV\_Transactions\_By\_Account
* TAN-1532 Improve Investor Statements performance
* TAN-1504 Smoothed IO with Pro rata period should use smoothed amount for 1st and last pmt split
* TAN-1500 Improve Performance when Posting Drawdowns
* TAN-1474 Batch Category on FM\_HeldBatches - DB change only

New Feature

* TAN-1520 Set Add Edit sort order for Classifications to Alphabetic
* TAN-1499 Classification 9 filter to reports which currently have Class1 through 4 filtering