Tango32 V4.64 Released

March 7, 2022

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.64


* TAN-1547 Fix "Invalid Authorization Specification" when connecting to some databases
* TAN-1546 Incorrect Gross Interest showing on IO arrears account
* TAN-1544 Loan Activity Report - Option to only Include NEW clients does not appear to be working
* TAN-1540 Change VIEW to set Null to 0 for all bit columns
* TAN-1539 Calculate_SpecialCharges not taking negative (Credit ODI) into account when calculating total
* TAN-1538 Periodic charge not generating subledger history entry
* TAN-1537 Cannot reverse loan repayment after several voids
* TAN-1534 Payout generating small bad debt transaction
* TAN-1528 Incorrect posting dr and cr to suspense causing Balance sheet account balance to different from Investor Account summary


* TAN-1545 Add columns for new unitholding to Insert\_IV\_HeldBatch SP
* TAN-1542 Change [dbo].[Copy_Assets] to avoid duplicates

New Feature

* TAN-1536 Asset Level LVR