Tango32 V4.66 Released

April 8, 2022

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.66


* TAN-1558 Receipt allocation report shows incorrect holdback accrued in some situations
* TAN-1557 Delinquency report fails with invalid column name error
* TAN-1554 Interest run may fail with "Duplicate Key" error if it generates debits for Line of Credit accounts
* TAN-1553 Interest in Advance - setting the incorrect date as the end of period date
* TAN-1549 Incorrect RV for IO interest in Arrears - Contrib mortgages after invitation processing
* TAN-1409 Variations ignored by repair schedule for Line of Credit repayment method


* TAN-1550 Adjust dbo.CheckHeldBatchColumns to use FM_TransactionTypes.AvailableToCompletedAccounts
* TAN-1509 Improve Performance when Posting Standard Draqwdowns to LOC accounts

New Feature

* TAN-1555 New setting to specify what account# should be used to post transactions for written off accounts
* TAN-1548 Drawdown - sub type extend term - pass new term to transaction