Tango32 V4.70 Released

June 10, 2022

Release notes - Tango - Version 4.70


* TAN-1587 Error posting batch - set operations have incorrect settings
* TAN-1585 Debtor batch validation  - using a lot of memory on the cloud instances - revisit validation and revise based on batch type
* TAN-1584 Creditor - Investment Interest run when interest frequency > 1 Anniversary vs Monthly cycle


* TAN-1586 New Parameter for Select\_Portfolio to remove Client state based grouping
* TAN-1583 Select Portfolio - Add Percentage of Book to Combined summary - Ensure States are consolidated
* TAN-1582 Portfolio Report - Weighted Average Yield calculation - Returning very high yield rates for some account pools
* TAN-1581 Debtor Statement - Subledger chargecode display order by sequence number

New Feature

* TAN-1566 Tango Report changes to show historical business codes