Tango32 V4.77 Released

March 28, 2023

Release notes - Tango - 4.77


  • TAN-1649 Change grant_privilege% functions to honor the schemas named in dbo.ProtectedSchemas
  • TAN-1677 Ability to exclude excess pmt entry - final entry in schedule with zero amount due but non zero amount paid from Arrears
  • TAN-1678 Exclude Excess pmt amount from Arrears calculation
  • TAN-1679 Unit holder disbursement calculation improvements
  • TAN-1680 Add new Payout Method DPV plus Accrued Interest


  • TAN-1674 dbo.Update_From_XML does not raise error on Validation failure
  • TAN-1675 Repair schedule removing CHG entries
  • TAN-1676 Interest accrued amount appears incorrect in payout and on balance tab for some accounts
  • TAN-1681 Payout using subledger definition amount and not linked loan amount as part of payout processing
  • TAN-1683 Multiple Early Payout fees applied to account