Tango32 V4.80 Released

May 29, 2023

Release notes - Tango - 4.80


TAN-1692 Loan Transaction Audit. Flag to use transaction date to determine business code and branch TAN-1693 Business Code Changes Report - Add Month To Date Fees column TAN-1694 Expand CostCentre Description to VARCHAR(120) TAN-1698 Changes to Login TAN-1702 Contrib Mortgage - Reversed pmt should generate reversal of allocations TAN-1703 New Settings for Unit Holder Distributions


TAN-1696 Contributory Swaps - Rate for swap in should match rate of swap out TAN-1697 Calculation for Avg Unit balance for period does not appear to be correct TAN-1700 Deadlocks on Investor Processing TAN-1701 Contrib Interest in Advance - Double interest when Invitation activated TAN-1704 Deadlock running debtor interest run