Tango32 V4.85 Released

November 8, 2023

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.85


ENT-2184 Change FM_Schedule.id to BIGINT

NOTE. Version 4.85 is a single-issue release. It expands the size of the Primary Key on the FM_Schedule Table from 32 to 64 bits. This required small updates to approximately 34 system procedures or functions. Prior to this change, the maximum number of rows in the Schedule table was about 2.5 billion. Now it is about 9 quintillion (9 * 10 ^ 18) . This provides more capacity for clients with large databases and extensive history.

This update will run reliably even while people are using the system, but this might cause it to run slower. We still recommend that the upgrade is run out of hours. The time required to run this upgrade depends on the number of rows in the schedule table and how much other activity occurs on the server. These are our time estimates for a reasonably quiet system:

For 100 million rows it should take one hour. For 10 million rows it should take ten minutes. For 1 million rows it should take less than a minute.

After the upgrade, the table FM_Schedule_old will exist in the database as a backup. This is a large backup table, and will be deleted in version 4.87.