Tango32 V4.86 Released

November 9, 2023

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.86


ENT-2200 New function to return a list of formatted phone numbers for any loan.

	FUNCTION dbo.GetLoanPhoneNumbers
		@LoanAccountNumber	INT,
		@ResponsibilityType	NVARCHAR(1),	-- L = Borrower, G=Guarantor, NULL=Don't Care
		@Delimiter			VARCHAR(3),		-- delimiter to separate phone numbers
		@Format				NVARCHAR(25)	-- optional numeric format.  Very basic.  # is a placeholder for digits.  Anything else is inserted into the output string	

ENT-2198 New Collections Assignment for Debtor accounts


ENT-2184 Change FM_Schedule.id to BIGINT. Upgrade did not run completely when FM_Schedule table had encrypted triggers.
ENT-2201 Security Relationship list items has ‘?’ in string instead of ‘-’