Tango Enterprise V4.87 Released

February 13, 2024

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.87


ENT-2186 Add Error Procedure and Error Line Number to all XML import procedures

ENT-2206 Improvements to Debtor Subledger Form

ENT-2210 Improvements to XML Import

ENT-2213 Debtor Statement Net format - Adjust footer size if summary isn’t shown

ENT-2217 Refactor User Settings

ENT-2219 System Log - Show Search Box by default

ENT-2221 Improvements to ChangeOwnerToDBO

ENT-2222 Improvements to Create_User

ENT-2223 Debtor Batch List - Improve column captions/widths

ENT-2224 Report Studio - Add search box and menu improvements

ENT-2225 Debtor Delinquency - new collector workflow and assignment columns

ENT-2227 Show Status for Disabled Deli reports in Report Sequence form

ENT-2228 Refactor RefreshDocumentLibraryStatus

ENT-2229 Business code change Report SP - new logic for MTD Interest Accrued

ENT-2231 Add Penalty Column, Affects Arrears Column to SP Calculate_SpecialCharges

ENT-2232 Arrears Summary including Penalties when penalties are already included in std arrears calc

ENT-2233 Security UI changes

ENT-2243 Add validation to Bulk Business Code Change - Show warning when From or To Interest In arrears or Adv do not match

ENT-2244 Improve time taken to generate Delinquency reports

ENT-2247 Debtor Transaction Types Improvements

ENT-2252 Creditor composite transaction to be able to specify creditor account for additional transaction1 and 2

ENT-2256 Add Entry to SystemLog when IV/FM Account is deleted

ENT-2262 Investigate if FormLetters.Editor should be included in securityforms checks

ENT-2264 Add Debtor Account Wizard - Improvements to Term Validation

ENT-2271 Disable Wizard options if no business code defined for type

ENT-2275 Creditor Responsibility Types should be table driven

ENT-2276 Add new columns to Creditor Responsibility table

ENT-2279 Receipt allocation - cannot clear selected batch number once a batch has been selected

ENT-2284 New Unit Holder functionality to assist in Distribution reinvestment

ENT-2286 Improvements to Link Existing Client/Account

ENT-2287 Additional Creditor Transaction type settings

ENT-2288 Additional Creditor Business code settings to support Unit distributions

ENT-2289 Creditor Statement - Interest Rate Label set via Custom Labels

ENT-2290 Creditor FormLetters and Statements Filter by NoCorrespondence

ENT-2292 DB change - change Creditor Transaction Type additional transaction 1 and 2 multiplier to be FLOAT.

ENT-2293 Improvements to Client Search

ENT-2294 Ability to override Custom Clearing transaction at the Account level

ENT-2298 Creditor transaction type lists should display Transaction Code - Short Description - Description

ENT-2301 Creditor transaction entry - pre-populate AdditionalAccountNumber1/2

ENT-2303 Debtor and Creditor transactions entry hide some transactions from Manual Entry

ENT-2304 Creditor statement - Unit Holder format - two additional notifications to be added

ENT-2305 Debtor Search - Business code lookup - Add clear functionality

ENT-2307 Creditor statement - Ability to hide Reference and narrative

ENT-2312 No way to disable or delete a creditor transaction type once created


ENT-2295 Creditor Account - UI changes for Creditor account custom clearing transaction changes

ENT-2296 Change Transaction type entry to allow multiplier to enter decimal values and not just integer values

ENT-2297 Unit Distribution Reinvestment transactions using the wrong sign when generated.

ENT-2308 Add new Creditor Business code statement settings - Hide Reference, Hide Narrative

ENT-2310 Add Creditor footer message as business code setting

ENT-2313 Update Creditor Formletter Datasource to Filter by NoCorrespondence

New Feature

ENT-2209 New Business Code Setting for minimum role required for Payout Quote.

ENT-2218 New Debtor Search Collector

ENT-2220 New Collection Workflow Status Table

ENT-2249 New Contact Role System table and FM_Client.RoleID column


ENT-2096 Contrib mortgage allocation incorrect in Pro rata smoothed period

ENT-2203 Exception in DebtorAccountShow Balance Tab

ENT-2204 Business code change report not showing MTD Interest Accrued

ENT-2208 Exception in DebtorAccountActivity

ENT-2211 Max length set on fields stopping databinding constraint from working

ENT-2212 Business Code Changes Report - Minor layout issues

ENT-2215 Debtor Correspondence Tab - Open/Edit should be disabled by default

ENT-2216 Database Upgrade fails in .Net Core release version

ENT-2234 Exception in GenerateDelinquencyReports

ENT-2235 Deadlock in Debtor Account Direct Debits Tab

ENT-2236 Deadlock in HeldTransactionShow

ENT-2237 Exception in Debtor Repayments Tab

ENT-2238 Exception in AddDebtorResponsibility

ENT-2239 Deadlock in Customer Statements GetAllAccounts

ENT-2240 Error running business code change report

ENT-2245 Exception on Client Show Contact Tab

ENT-2246 Document Library status isn’t being checked for all library types

ENT-2248 Exception in SystemTables when pressing delete key on new row

ENT-2250 Exception deleting Employee

ENT-2253 Exception in SystemTables when Saving General Purpose 1

ENT-2254 Exception in Debtor Security - Remove Security

ENT-2257 Loan History Table does not contain history for accounts for the month in which they complete

ENT-2258 Payout Method “W” does not include arrears when working out PV of Future Charges

ENT-2259 Some document library configuration validation checks not working properly

ENT-2260 Debtor Transaction Audit form - Review Subledger Filter Enable/Disable on

ENT-2261 RecentItems/UserActiveBranches menu item memory leak

ENT-2263 Voiding Rollover transaction void IC transaction but not the associated IP transaction

ENT-2265 Debtor Process New Accounts - Can’t run Export Report

ENT-2266 Creditor Account Show - Exception on Delete

ENT-2267 Exception in AddCreditorAccountWizard

ENT-2268 Exception on Login under certain circumstances

ENT-2270 Exception on HeldTransactionShow open

ENT-2273 Deadlock in GetControlsData

ENT-2274 Exception in Creditors ProcessNewAccounts

ENT-2277 Transactions generated from Primary Investment account to sub account do not show Transaction type

ENT-2280 Creditor Statement - Does not appear to generate a statement for each investor linked to the account

ENT-2281 Client Show - Exception when copying Client Address

ENT-2282 Exception in AccountSubledgerShow Form

ENT-2283 Creditor ChangeInterestRateWizard Account drop down not filtered by User Branches

ENT-2291 Error on Client Wizard start

ENT-2300 Exception open any structure in Enterprise

ENT-2302 Exception in AddContactWizard

ENT-2306 SearchDebtorVertical - Exception when a Debtor business code is selected and a search executed

ENT-2309 Collector search generates exception if no collectors or collection workflow statuses defined.

ENT-2314 Exception in Debtor Transaction Save/Copy