Tango Enterprise V4.88 Released

March 12, 2024

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.88


ENT-2036 Update Setup Parameters - Trigger Reload of the values

ENT-2137 Inform user when no clients linked to account set to receive correspondence

ENT-2171 Investigate FormLetter “email now” disable based on client emails.

ENT-2178 Creditor Interest Payments - BankID only set when Investment Payment table entry generated - need ability to update

ENT-2285 Add Precedence INT column to FM/IV Responsibilities for use in calculating Joint Account Indicator

ENT-2318 Allow creditor transaction to update the last interest run when posted manually

ENT-2323 Add Deadlock Report

ENT-2324 Improvements to Import XML duplicate detection

ENT-2335 Tango Property Security Code Classifcation (Metro/Non-Metro/Inner City)

ENT-2337 Improvements to Transaction Validation

ENT-2338 Add Classification 7 description to be included in standard client keyword search

ENT-2339 Add Refresh to All Tasks list

ENT-2342 Add Interest InAdvance date for Debtor Processing - Debtor Interest Run - Accounts_Gridview

ENT-2353 Improvements to GetAllAccounts

ENT-2354 Improvements to Debtor Account FundingDetailsTab

ENT-2360 Add Colour, Image and Readonly to FM_CollectionWorkflowStatuses and FM_workflowStatuses

ENT-2361 Add Collection Workflow and Assigned collector to the existing Workflow elist report.

ENT-2366 Additional General Purpose Fields

ENT-2369 New function isSubAccount() to return if a Debtor Account is a sub account

ENT-2375 Allow Administrator users to delete schedule entries

ENT-2376 Added Export for Debtor Interest run Account listing

New Feature

ENT-2028 Add URI Scheme to allow connection details to be passed via URI


ENT-2074 Exception in BusinesCodeChanges

ENT-2191 Exception in Client Banking Tab RefreshBankDetails

ENT-2207 Classification cascading list boxes on report parameter not clearing missing values

ENT-2319 Creditor Interest run does not appear to be ignoring VOIDED transactions

ENT-2320 Cannot save invitations to invest

ENT-2322 Creditor Transaction Types Addtional Transaction Multiplier not allowing decimal values

ENT-2325 Repayment schedule Amount due showing incorrect Repayment amount due

ENT-2326 IO in Advance when an In-advance fee is charged is including the fee in the interest charge

ENT-2327 Exception when creating new Investment Invitation

ENT-2328 Statement transactions sequence not correctly being adhered

ENT-2329 Exception in AddContactWizard

ENT-2330 CreditorAccountShow - InvestmentTab - Payment transaction label Incorrect

ENT-2331 Monthly Subledger should be processed for Interest in advance when invitation is processed or account activated

ENT-2332 Exception in InformationCheck

ENT-2334 Creditor AP accounts will not generate a statement

ENT-2340 Cannot save invitations to invest

ENT-2341 Deadlock in Debtor Customer Statements Form

ENT-2344 Debtor Interest run showing accounts in processing list which should not be processed

ENT-2345 Deadlocks in Investor Interest Run

ENT-2346 Unable to click into text on controls on MDI forms

ENT-2347 Exception in DebtorAccount Recalcuate

ENT-2348 Exception in Debtor Account LinkedAccountsTab

ENT-2349 Exception in Creditors ChangeInterestRateWizard

ENT-2350 Creditor HeldBatchShow - Void transactions have VoidThreadID cleared on open

ENT-2351 Custom Sub Account clearing transactions used still generates Payment table entry for Investors

ENT-2352 Script to fix period in which interest affects also appears to be affecting drawdowns

ENT-2355 Exception in Debtors Classification Tab

ENT-2358 Exception in Debtor Subledger Copy

ENT-2359 Exception in Debtor Account Delete when account is sub account

ENT-2362 Creditor Bulk Statements - Email button never enabling

ENT-2363 SetupInformationLastRowVersion is not updated when Settings changed

ENT-2364 Exception in Creditor Statements Email

ENT-2367 Exception C3.Description cannot be bound on various forms

ENT-2368 Creditors/Debtors Bulk letter generation - Exclude sub accounts

ENT-2370 Bulk Customer Statements should filter by active branches

ENT-2371 Exception in Bulk Creditor Customer Statement Run

ENT-2372 Creditor Bulk Customer Statement Run account drop down missing some accounts under certain circumstances

ENT-2373 Error running Debtor Interest run for Interest in Advance accounts

ENT-2377 Exception when trying to assign Deli Report sequence to report


ENT-2336 New External subledger code to calculate interest pmt to retain

ENT-2343 Debtor interest failing due to issue with Repair schedule