Tango Enterprise V4.89 Released

April 15, 2024

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.89


ENT-2379 Increase Debtor BusinessCode max length to 20 characters

ENT-2380 Branches - Add ExternalReference column

ENT-2385 Exception in Delinquency Management Reports

ENT-2386 Current Delinquency - Predefined Column filters for elist

ENT-2390 Improvements to Document Library Document Download/Upload

ENT-2394 Add Collection Workflow Status ID to Arrears Buckets system table

ENT-2395 Log changes to Configuration Tables

ENT-2396 Add Collection Status to FM_ArrearsBuckets table

ENT-2399 Debtor Interest Run due function should ignore monthend accounts unless it is the last day of the month.

ENT-2401 Add logging for all Hold processing bits for Debtor accounts

ENT-2402 Change date format for Security log in debtors to be sortable.

ENT-2406 Ensure only Primary client or clients who receive correspondence as shown on Transaction Entry listing

ENT-2413 Report Sequences - Add disabled row style so disabled reports are more obvious

New Feature

ENT-2391 Add StatusColor to FM_ClientWorkflowStatuses and IV_WorkflowStatuses


ENT-2357 Exception in Debtor HeldTransactionShow Validation

ENT-2374 Delinquency report - Format 14 - All pages show EmployeeName

ENT-2381 IOADV accounts include any future transactions in the interest calc for period

ENT-2382 Discrepancy between Loan Summary Report Net Balance as at a date and Statement balance as at a date

ENT-2388 Debit Fees not being scheduled to Next due but date posted

ENT-2389 Convert Quote to Loan button never displayed on Debtor account form

ENT-2392 Ambiguous column name Formletterid when opening the Delinquency processing form

ENT-2393 Changes to scheduled amount due when all remaining schedules are updated causes charges due to change.

ENT-2398 Exception in BSB Update

ENT-2400 Error running script via Run One Script

ENT-2403 Ensure Debtor accounts displayed are the accounts processed by the Interest run process

ENT-2405 Exception in Debtor Account Show - Correspondence Tab

ENT-2407 Cloud Proxy status bar item text color not contrasting to status bar color

ENT-2408 Held Transaction with charge code isn’t cleared when changing to void

ENT-2409 Debit fees not generating subledger history entries which affects RAR

ENT-2410 Transaction Audit Batch From and To not clearing on missing values

ENT-2411 Reports w/ Backdated business codes missing accounts based on Branch filters

ENT-2414 Employees by Report allowing disabled employees to be added

ENT-2415 Delinquency processing including any reports which have the Splits bit set regardless of if they are disabled or not

ENT-2416 Delinqunecy processing - Sequence = Name - when splits processed results in exception when long names involved

ENT-2418 Cannot discharge a contributory mortgage - validation fails.

ENT-2419 Loan Summary Footer not displaying correctly