Tango Enterprise V4.90 Released

June 10, 2024

Release notes - Tango Enterprise - 4.90


ENT-2229 Business code change Report SP - new logic for MTD Interest Accrued

ENT-2384 Delinquency Report definition enhancements to remove dynamic sql

ENT-2420 New RAR setting to include all arrears and not just arrears above global setting

ENT-2421 Add new Debtor account search toggle to only show clients who are flagged as Primary borrower

ENT-2426 Add Workflow colour to Client Search form

ENT-2437 Right Click option for Form letters - Insert Merge field - opens merge field select form

ENT-2438 New option to include ODI in the std interest columns for the RAR - Include ODI with Std Interest

ENT-2441 Subledger definition validation - Prevent isPenaltyFee and CreateScheduleEntryWhenCharged being both True

ENT-2453 Improvements to Update_From_XML

ENT-2458 Debtors Batch Show - Borrowers showing wrong name for Organisation contacts

ENT-2459 Add all General Purpose Fields to Loan Summary Extract - ability to include or exclude

ENT-2460 Jobs Table similar to Batches

ENT-2461 Add SMSTemplateID to TransactionTypes and Subledgers to enable posted transactions to add SMS Queue items

ENT-2463 Improvement to batch export - ensure held batch exists before trying to export the file

ENT-2465 Speed up Activation of new Debtor Accounts

ENT-2471 Make sure toggles are set when creditor accounts are created via wizard or as part of debtor account creation

ENT-2474 SMS Selection Criteria

ENT-2486 Change DBO.ProjectIVInterestTable(@AccountNumber,‘31-Dec-2099’, NULL) to also return withholding tax if applicable

New Feature

ENT-1485 SMS notifications

ENT-2457 New Debtor Subledger to consolidate fees which create schedule entry in same period

ENT-2480 New system table SMSTemplateCategories


ENT-2121 Exception in import repayments

ENT-2204 Business code change report not showing MTD Interest Accrued

ENT-2255 Error when Posting Debtor Batch

ENT-2356 Exception on auto-save when changing Account# and validation failing

ENT-2397 Exception adding document

ENT-2404 Exception on Client Show - NotesAndTasksTab

ENT-2423 Debtor HeldTransactionShow - Save button re-enabling after save

ENT-2425 Error sending Bulk Client emails

ENT-2427 Deadlock in Debtor Interest run

ENT-2428 Exception running debtor interest run - unhandled

ENT-2429 Exception in Debtor Account Show - Repayments Tab

ENT-2430 Held batch when posted posting different amount than displayed in the batch

ENT-2431 Repair Schedule not allocating amount paid to Fee entries for Debit fees.

ENT-2432 Client Search Workflow status filter broken - referencing incorrect column name

ENT-2434 Exception in Notifcations Control

ENT-2435 Exception in FM_CrossRef_Insert

ENT-2439 Update Subledger fails - String or Binary data will be truncated

ENT-2440 Arrears including ODI even though paid.

ENT-2442 Type Conversion Error when importing “CS3” format transaction files with charge codes

ENT-2443 First Interest pmt not processing for Interest in advance contrib mortgages

ENT-2444 Deadlock when processing new debtor accounts with associated Periodic Subledgers

ENT-2445 Incorrect interest charges on account, ignoring payment transaction on final day of interest period.

ENT-2446 Deadlock on DebtorPayoutQuote

ENT-2447 Deadlock on HeldTransactionShow

ENT-2449 Deadlock in BatchSelect

ENT-2450 Exception on Debtor Account BalanceTab

ENT-2451 Exception in Debtor Account Show - Direct Debits Tab

ENT-2454 Debtor Transaction Save always dirty

ENT-2455 Two transactions created in different batches with same threadid

ENT-2456 Negative Debits or Credits with a chargecode not affecting the fee amount due in the schedule

ENT-2462 Exception Deleting Client

ENT-2472 Debtor Bulk form letters - Accounts drop downs don’t show on open

ENT-2473 GetBorrowersTable cuts off borrower name when delimiter doesn’t have leading space

ENT-2476 Exception in FormRibbonMain.InformationCheck

ENT-2477 Debtor DD batch posting duplicate transactions.

ENT-2478 Debtors HeldBatch - Deadlock in GetThreads

ENT-2479 Debtors HeldBatch - Deadlock in GetGLAccountsBaseTable

ENT-2481 Correspondence Tab - Save not enforced before letter generation

ENT-2482 Business code change form filtering out some destination business codes

ENT-2483 Correspondence Tab - Form Letters Email Now/Email Later does not validate EmailTemplateID on selected form letter

ENT-2484 Interest processing error for one account when balance is negative and interest rate is zero.

ENT-2485 Creditor Interest run calculating higher interest charge than expected when account balance was zero and several interest runs processed

ENT-2489 Cannot reconcile RAR