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Phoenix - Version 3.16


  • [PHOEN-249] - Screens/Workflows search SP excludes some records


  • [PHOEN-247] - Improvements to Security Code form
  • [PHOEN-248] - Improvements to Credit Bureaus
  • [PHOEN-250] - Improvements to Add Application Wizard
  • [PHOEN-251] - System information wizard improvements
  • [PHOEN-252] - Improvements to Introducer Wizard
  • [PHOEN-254] - Current Employment - Accountant phone number mask is 02
  • [PHOEN-256] - Handle missing applications better

Phoenix - Version 3.14


  • [PHOEN-235] - Unhanded exception when closing under certain circumstances
  • [PHOEN-238] - Unhanded exception in Account Calculator
  • [PHOEN-239] - New applications have incorrect default term
  • [PHOEN-240] - Account definition editor won't open when Attribute captions are null
  • [PHOEN-244] - Error when using Credit Bureau Individual Control with Credit Bureau Definition


  • [PHOEN-156] - Add ability to reprocess application to just before credit bureau
  • [PHOEN-173] - Move UserField Definitions from Control to AccountDefinition
  • [PHOEN-220] - Improve message for missing account types in application wizard
  • [PHOEN-236] - Add version number to setup file description
  • [PHOEN-241] - Login when the enter key is pressed when inside the password box
  • [PHOEN-242] - Add ability to Workflow Designer to link a state to an existing orphaned state
  • [PHOEN-243] - New Report to find Introducers with no Group

Tango32 V4.23 Released


  • TAN-299 - Fix error when checking for a new version
  • TAN-330 - Principal and Interest Report doesn't include drawdowns and credit reductions
  • TAN-331 - Incorrect interest calculation when date range spans several months and there is a rate change in one month
  • TAN-333 - Unable to post payout transaction to account prior to "Defer Interest Until" date
  • TAN-336 - Error in creating debtor void transaction via API
  • TAN-338 - Creditor statements fail with error - Error Preparing IV Statement
  • TAN-341 - Issue with import from Phoenix and incorrect client being linked to account
  • TAN-342 - Cannot generate bulk Form Letters when Exclude Arrears less than option is set


  • TAN-178 - Improvements to Loan Repayment Calculator
  • TAN-294 - Statement and Formletter filter and logo merge for statements
  • TAN-327 - Direct Debit Due report
  • TAN-328 - “Account type” Filter on Loan Summary Report
  • TAN-329 - Modify Daily Job SP to be able to charge a monthly fee based on the anniversary day of the loan
  • TAN-332 - New Interest Method = % of Amount Financed
  • TAN-335 - Log Client email address changes

Phoenix - Version 3.13


  • [PHOEN-231] - Database upgrade running more scripts than it needs to
  • [PHOEN-232] - DeferInterestUntilDate should allow null values in the calculator
  • [PHOEN-233] - Quote Calculator crashes when account definition fails to compile


  • [PHOEN-229] - Applicaiton Search Copy Button Limit to in progress applications