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Phoenix - Version 3.11


  • [PHOEN-208] - Error Creating/Copying Workflow
  • [PHOEN-212] - Duplicate AssemblyGUID cause minor exceptions
  • [PHOEN-213] - Login showed as compiling a plugin when it had no code to compile
  • [PHOEN-214] - Account Terms - Term Frequency not showing values
  • [PHOEN-217] - Quote Calculator Updates LastOpened


  • [PHOEN-124] - New Standard Submitted Volume Report
  • [PHOEN-158] - Application Status and Day Book report - Grouping
  • [PHOEN-185] - Updating to .NET 4.5
  • [PHOEN-191] - Add AccountType to CRM_Contacts_AccountDefinitions_Codes
  • [PHOEN-201] - Security control changes
  • [PHOEN-207] - Improve Introducer Groups Editor
  • [PHOEN-215] - Additional DisplayTypes for AccountComponents

Tango32 V4.22 Released


  • TAN-315 - Variations with precedence set


  • TAN-292 - Pre Activation GL and Transaction Summary
  • TAN-314 - Business code change schedule
  • TAN-316 - Check if client exists when importing applicants from Phoenix
  • TAN-324 - Allow Monthly nominal interest charge to be Anniversary cycle
  • TAN-325 - New Interest Method = % of Loan Limit, % of Purchase Price

Tango32 V4.21 Released


  • TAN-258 - Failed Import still creates client record
  • TAN-296 - Statement signature message incorrect arrears
  • TAN-299 - Error on Check for New Version
  • TAN-301 - Branch Copy not copying all information
  • TAN-303 - Diary Reminder Report Screen
  • TAN-319 - Incorrect Total Dr and Total Cr in CSV output of Statement


  • TAN-102 - Partial Discharges of Linked Investments - Check Available funds
  • TAN-178 - Loan Repayment Calculator / Quick Quote - restrict interest rate to two decimal places.
  • TAN-233 - Unit Testing Scripts
  • TAN-294 - Allow Customer Statements and Form Letters to filter by Logo associated with "Classification 3"
  • TAN-297 - Charge with Payment setting should include Payout transactions
  • TAN-302 - Diary Reminder Report Improvement
  • TAN-304 - Include ODI in Payouts over month end
  • TAN-309 - Add default value for OpenForEditing when editing Form Letter Definitions.
  • TAN-317 - When Interest charge are linked to a Subledger - ensure the interest narrative uses the Subledger Description
  • TAN-318 - Loan Summary Report to select by Business Code based on Historical (not current) Data
  • TAN-321 - New Simple Interest method based on closing monthly balance.
  • TAN-323 - Add a security log entry when a variation is deleted


  • TAN-320     Adjust GetArrearsBalance and GetArrearsBase functions to refer to "Adjust arrears when it exceeds the net balance" flag on Business Code
  • TAN-312     Create new "Interest Types" table to allow better description of Interest Methods for Investments
  • TAN-311     Add AccountHash Filter to Clients API
  • TAN-310     Investment SP to return the account details when passed an AccountNumber
  • TAN-308     Implement Client-based Notes and Tasks - DB only
  • TAN-307     Additional and Breakdown of held status
  • TAN-306     Duplicate settings on IV Diary reminders to match FM Diary reminders - DBonly
  • TAN-305     Add new  "EmailTest" Security log Entry Type
  • TAN-298     Customer Statement SP improvements
  • TAN-293     Search to Use SP rather than in-line SQL

Phoenix - Version 3.10


  • [PHOEN-196] - Open Document Error Message
  • [PHOEN-202] - Cannot drag fields onto document templates
  • [PHOEN-203] - Page navigation missing from Document editor
  • [PHOEN-205] - Reports failing to run due to database view
  • [PHOEN-206] - Account definition editor improvements

New Feature

  • [PHOEN-42] - Implement interface for Veda Score Apply


  • [PHOEN-81] - Expose Account Calculator Settings via API
  • [PHOEN-188] - Add user setting to open application after Adding
  • [PHOEN-190] - Locked applications can be re-opened by the same user
  • [PHOEN-192] - Improvements to Account Definition Template
  • [PHOEN-194] - Move credit bureau settings out of screens

Tango32 V4.20 Released

Release Notes - Tango - Version 4.20

NOTE. Currently the minimum server requirement to run Tango is SQL Server 2000.  We will
soon change this to SQL Server 2008 so that we can take advantage of the more modern
features of the newer version of SQL.  If you have an older version of SQL, Tango will
display a warning message and ask you to contact us.  Please do not ignore this message.


  • [TAN-251] - Simple interest - double in first period
  • [TAN-261] - Deadlock Issues in high-intensity environment with many connections.
  • [TAN-267] - Issue with CC expiry date validation
  • [TAN-268] - Footer message for Statements persistent even after deletion
  • [TAN-277] - Add GrossSummaryTotal to Loan Statement CSV output
  • [TAN-280] - Recovery wizard not populating some fields from original account
  • [TAN-287] - Menu item "Libaries" spelt incorrectly
  • [TAN-288] - Receipt Allocation does not show fees for some accounts


  • [TAN-233] - Unit Testing Scripts
  • [TAN-254] - Formletter templates to be stored in database
  • [TAN-260] - Add menu option to view Export log
  • [TAN-264] - Display warning for any systems running on SQL2005 or earlier
  • [TAN-265] - Improvements to GetClientLoanAddress Function
  • [TAN-269] - REST API should create IV SubAccount when required
  • [TAN-272] - Improve formatting of dbo.GetClientNames function
  • [TAN-273] - Additional Fields for API
  • [TAN-274] - Charge interest as Special Charge type 2
  • [TAN-275] - Reversing payments on Same day when one split to Special PMT
  • [TAN-276] - Customer Statement Stored Procedure API
  • [TAN-278] - Add Classification Filters to Clients API
  • [TAN-281] - Payout quote on Accounts where interest charged as Type 2
  • [TAN-282] - Add SendStatementsViaEmail to Select_Formletters SP
  • [TAN-283] - Improvements to dbo.Update_From_XML API