Tango Enterprise Account Management


Tango Enterprise provides a modern windows-based interface for the management of both Debtor and Creditor Accounts (Loans and Investments (Funds Management)).

Tango Enterprise complies with current Australian consumer lending legislation.

Menu options are arranged and combined into logical groupings based on account type and function being performed.

Menus and Individual menu items can be shown or hidden depending on the role assigned to the logged in user.

Main screen showing Home menu, account, and statement.

Clients, Debtors, Creditor and General Ledger Accounts


The Client record supports both Individuals and Organisations. Clients can be linked to both Debtor and Creditor accounts. A Client can be linked to many accounts of both types.

Correspondence can be generated for a client providing CRM functionality.

Tasks can be raised against a Client and assigned to an internal user for follow up action.

Example Client record.

Standard functions available via a client
  • Generate a statement for all Debtor accounts linked to the client
  • Create a diary note or Task to action
  • Add a New Account to the Client
  • Link and unlink existing accounts (Debtors and Creditors)
  • Add multiple bank accounts
  • Generate a letter (Print or email)
  • Add documents

Debtor Accounts

A wide variety of Debtor Accounts are supported by Tango Enterprise. If the type of account, you want to manage, is not listed we are happy to discuss changes to facilitate the Account Type. Both Fixed and variable rate interest methods are supported.

Example debtor account record.

  • Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans
  • Line of Credit
  • Mortgages
    • Interest only to Principal and Interest
    • Interest only full term
    • Principal and Interest full term
    • Interest in advance and Interest in Arrears
  • Rentals
  • Leasing
  • Contributory Mortgages
    • Interest Only In Arrears
    • Interest Only in Advance
Standard functions available via a Debtor Account
  • Generate a standard statement
  • Generate a Contributory Investor Statement (Contributory mortgages only)
  • Generate a Payout quote (Refinance the account)
  • Flag the account for Write-off
  • Generate a letter (Print or email)
  • Create a diary note or Task to action
  • Add documents
  • Create a transaction
  • Change the interest rate (Variable rate accounts only)
  • Add/Remove and Change the Responsibility of a client
  • Swap and Discharge Investors (Contributory Mortgages only)
  • Add/Edit/Discharge Security Assets
  • Register and Update Asset details via PPSR integration

Creditor Accounts - Funds Management

Tango Enterprise supports both Investment accounts and Accounts Payable accounts. For investment accounts standard at Call or Term accounts can be managed along with more complex Pooled and Contributory Investment accounts.

  • Investment at Call
  • Investment Term
  • Pooled Investments
  • Contributory Investments
  • Unit holding accounts
  • Creditors – Accounts Payable
  • General Funds Management

Example creditor account record.

Standard functions available via a Creditor account
  • Generate a statement
  • Generate a payout quote
  • Redeem/ Rollover the Investment (Investments only)
  • Generate a letter
  • Create a diary note or Task to action
  • Add documents
  • Create a transaction
  • Change the interest rate
  • Add/Remove and Change the responsibility of a Client

General Ledger

Tango Enterprise has an integrated General Ledger system allowing for either full business management or Debtor and Creditor management only. The choice is yours.

A base chart of accounts is provided with Tango Enterprise.

The General Ledger Reports option provides access to the preconfigured reports. These reports can be edited via the Report editor. New reports can be added as required.

Example General Ledger account record.



Tango Enterprise comes preconfigured with over 30 reports covering Clients, Debtor Accounts, and Creditor Accounts. Many reports have multiple formats available which brings the total reports to well over 50.

Example of exportable dataset with predefined grouping and filtering.

  • All reports can be exported after generation.
  • All reports display to the screen.
  • The main Reporting Studio form can be dragged to a second screen to allow both day to day operations and reporting to occur at the same time.
  • Reports are presented as either an exportable dataset or in a print ready format.
  • Many of the reports allow for different outputs to be generated pre and post generation

Adhoc Queries

Include with the base system is an adhoc query writer. This allows the end user to write their own queries and export them for further analysis. A basic understanding of Microsoft SQL is all that is required. Tango Enterprise ships with approximately 20 prewritten queries. With the appropriate role permissions these can be viewed and edited, or new queries added. They are a great way to learn where data is stored and how to retrieve it. If you have more complex requirements Expert 1 can be engaged to develop a solution for you.

Example Query output.

Each query can have one or many outputs. Each output is displayed in a separate tab. Each output can be further manipulated and exported individually, or all can be exported. Each tabbed output is exported to a new Excel workbook.

Document Management

Tango Enterprise has an integrated document management system. The storage of documents can be either local network drives, or when combined with our cloud hosted database, cloud-based storage.

Both internally generated and external documents can be stored in the document libraries.

Libraries are available for:

  • Debtor accounts
    • At account level
    • At Asset security level
    • At Real estate security level
  • Creditor accounts and
  • Clients.

The document library support bulk uploading along with drag and drop addition of documents.

Internally generated letters and statements are stored in PDF form. Manually added documents are stored in their original format.

Any stored document can be viewed at any time.

Example Document stored in the library and opened for viewing.


Tango Enterprise has an integrated document creation tool set. The tools provided allow the end user to add new data fields for use in the documents along with the creation and maintenance of the actual documents themselves.

Once a document template has been created it is stored in the database and is available for all Enterprise users.

Letters can be added for Clients, Debtor Accounts, and Creditor Accounts.

Example Letter definition and template.

Cloud hosting

cloud connectivity icon.

Tango Enterprise can be cloud hosted or hosted on your server.

The client application provides a secure connection to the Expert 1 cloud hosted database. Accessible from anywhere, anytime using the Tango Enterprise client application. No additional VPN software is required.

Tango Enterprise API

License the API and build your own portal or take advantage of the work already completed and use the Expert 1 account portal.

Technical Requirements


Recommended: Windows 10 64 bit

Windows 10 32 bit on both x86 and ARM processors


SQL Server 2017 (express edition can be used).

Depending on the size of your organisation the overall specification for the database server will vary accordingly.